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Project “Yiddisher Huiz”

Humanity has suffered a catastrophic event, from which it will never escape nor recover. Humanity was dragged into a state of mass humiliation, rape, and genocide. This cannot be forgotten. The only consolation possible is derived from a sense of duty to ask who were these innocent people, the murdered Jews of the Holocaust? Remembering them is a way to bring humanity itself back to its original meaning: compassion, brotherly love, fraternity, and fellow-feeling.

To realize this sense of humaneness and benevolence, we need to make a personal relationship with each one of them. We must meet them in their everyday lives and religious and cultural practices: lives that were filled with joy, serenity, and a sense of normality to which all humans regardless of race or creed share a claim.

The Yiddisher Huiz is composed of three homes which belonged to three Jewish families of Tarnow. It is now a reimagined Jewish home in a museum format. The Yiddisher Huiz Museum represents all of European Jewry murdered in the Holocaust. In the Yiddisher Huiz, we will see and feel a Jewish presence, experience the scents of Hannukah sweets, hear the sound of screams and laughter from children.

The Yiddisher Huiz will represent many things to its visitors. First and foremost, it is a declaration of repentance by two Christians who carry the burden of Christian blame for the Holocaust. Nations of murderous Christians have not paid in any way for their crimes against the Jewish people. It is a crime that continues to disrupt our sense of morality for centuries and millennia to come.

Project “Yiddisher Huiz”
Fundacji Malgorzati i Renato Rossetto.
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